Acoma Pueblo Sky City

Field Trip
ROOM: Off-site

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This year’s conference theme, Wildlife Conservation: Crossroads of Cultures, will resonate beyond session rooms with this unique field trip to the Acoma Pueblo Sky City. Regarded as the oldest continuously inhabited community in North America, the settlement is situated atop a sheer-walled, 367-foot sandstone mesa about 64 miles outside Albuquerque. With year-round sunshine and an altitude of 6,460 feet, you’ll take in breathtaking views and amazing rock formations on a 3/4-mile-long tour. Featuring the educational tour, cultural exhibits and even shopping, the half-day trip allows conference attendees to experience customary Native traditions and learn about the history of the Acoma Pueblo and the Southwest. Visit Acoma Pueblo Sky City, North America’s oldest continuously inhabited community, to:

  • Tour the cultural architecture of the Pueblo…
  • Experience the history of the Southwest, from? Acoma’s initial role as the home to the Anasazi people, to the thirteenth century founding of the Pueblo, which is still alive and well as a community and touchstone for Native Americans in the area and nationwide…
  • View a window in time? where? Native people carry on? customary traditions such as? Native American pottery making and tribal celebrations…


Field Trip
Location: Off-site Date: September 25, 2017 Time: 1:00 pm - 5:30 pm