Range 101

ROOM: Room 10 – Anasazi

Advance Registration Required

Many wildlife students and professionals may have missed out on rangeland management courses in college or be ready for a refresher. This course will use short, informative presentations by a variety of professionals to convey the importance of rangelands and management tools used to keep them healthy. Grazing management will be a large focus of the workshop, including an understanding of how plants respond to grazing, monitoring available forage, and understanding the grazing behavior of livestock. Participants will learn how to develop a proper grazing system based on ecological site descriptions of the land, grazable acres for the livestock herd, and initial stocking rates for grazing. Information will also be provided on invasive species to rangelands and other resources, such as smartphone apps, available to assist with developing proper grazing management. In a single morning, participants will leave with a new skill and a strong grasp of different perspectives involved in managing land when both livestock and wildlife are valued.
Organizers: Bill Vodehnal, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, Bassett, NE; Megan Clayton, Texas A & M AgriLife Extension Service, Corpus Christi, TX; Eric Thacker, Utah State University, Logan UT
Supported by: TWS Rangeland Wildlife Working Group, The Berryman Institute

Location: Albuquerque Convention Center Date: September 25, 2017 Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm