The Generation Gap: Opportunities for Five Generations to Work in Harmony

Panel Discussion
ROOM: Room 235 – Mesilla
“Who are these young kids, constantly on their phone? They don’t know what a hard day’s work is!”; “Why won’t that old man try something new for once?” These pervasive statements express the friction faced among different generations of wildlife professionals due to a lack of understanding of the other’s experience, values, and goals. This friction almost always causes a suspicion of other generations and leads to a less effective work place. For businesses, this resistance is detrimental to a functional office, but in the field of conservation, this tension can lead to an inability to bring about effective management practices; thereby doing a disservice to the wildlife and habitats we aim to protect. To better understand one another and allow for an open dialogue, a panel of wildlife professionals from each of the generations will be available to discuss values, career goals, their experiences interacting with other generations, lessons learned, and thoughts on how to bridge differences to become better conservationists. Panel members will include members of the: Veteran, Baby-Boomer, Generation-X, Generation-Y, and Millennial generations, ranging from a retired biologist through the up and coming student. All members are highly encouraged to attend and participate in this discussion to learn from generations and perspectives different from your own.
Organizers: Krysten Zummo-Strong, Pheasants Forever Inc./NRCS/CPW, Burlington, CO; Emily Williams, Denali National Park & Preserve, Denali Park, AK; Lorelle Berkeley, Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks, Helena, MT
Supported by: TWS Early Career Professional Working Group

Panel Discussion
Location: Albuquerque Convention Center Date: September 27, 2017 Time: 10:30 am - 12:10 pm