Call for Associated Receptions

The Wildlife Society’s 30TH Annual Conference

Call for Symposia, Workshops & Panel Discussions: Closed

Call for Abstracts: Closed

Call for Associated Receptions & Working Group Meetings: Open through August 30 (submission link below)

Call for Associated Receptions & Working Group Meetings

Deadline:  August 30, 2023 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time

The Wildlife Society’s 30th Annual Conference

November 5 – 9, 2023

All official conference events will be held at The Galt House Hotel. There is no charge to you for the use of the meeting space, but you will be responsible for ordering and paying for any audio-visual, food or beverage that you may need for your function.  No outside food or beverage is allowed at The Galt House Hotel.  This is a hard and fast rule to which no exceptions will be made.  By completing this form, you are acknowledging this policy.  All food and beverage must be ordered through in-house catering.  You will receive instructions on how to order food, beverage, and audio-visual equipment along with your confirmation of space/date/time.

All Working Group Meeting rooms will be set up in classroom style (rows of tables with chairs) and all Associated Reception rooms will be set up in reception style (scattered tables with chairs).