Host an Associated Networking Reception or Meeting
at this year’s conference!



The TWS Annual Conference is a great location for hosting a networking reception for university students, educators and alumni. It’s also a great way to gather members of TWS chapters or sections. Or maybe you want to host a networking reception for  your agency, organization, or special interest group. Our conference is also a great place for other wildlife organizations to hold a meeting while your members are attending the conference.

Associated Networking Receptions and Meetings

With the exception of the opening night event, all official conference events will be held at either the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland or the Hilton Cleveland Downtown. There is no charge to you for the use of the meeting space, but you will be responsible for ordering and paying for any audio-visual, food or beverage that you may need for your function. No outside food or beverage is allowed at the Hilton or the Convention Center. This is a hard and fast rule to which no exceptions will be made. By completing the form, you are acknowledging this policy. All food and beverage must be ordered through in-house catering. You will receive instructions on how to order food, beverage and audio-visual equipment along with your confirmation of space/date/time.

Changes for 2018: We understand that many of our members belong to more than one working group. In an effort to reduce scheduling conflicts, we are offering working group slots three times per day on three of the main conference days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). Space is limited, so please get your request in early. If we can’t accommodate your top choice on one of the three main days, we will be assigning you a day/time based on availability. We have also dedicated one night only (Wednesday) for associated receptions, since we are bringing back the Student-Professional Mixer on Tuesday night. We hope this will help boost your attendance at your receptions, since there are no other conflicting events scheduled for that evening. By scheduling these receptions later in the evening, we hope this will also reduce the impact on your budgets – since folks will have gone out for dinner prior to the start of the receptions.

*All meeting rooms will be set up in classroom style (rows of tables with chairs) and all reception rooms will be set up in reception style (scattered tables with chairs).

Please contact Kerrell Dunsmore at