Closing Happy Hour and Trade Show Networking Event

Some closing remarks during the #TWS2018 Closing Happy Hour and Trade Show Networking Event.

“The student professional mixer was great,” said Past President Gary Potts. Potts was happy with the networking that went on during the event, where students got to meet with professionals they may not have gotten to during sessions like the plenaries.

“Around the Emerald Necklace was a great trip. It was informative, well organized, and relevant. Thanks for giving us outdoor opportunities at the conference!” –Kelly Reiss, professor at American Public University

Stacie Robinson and Denim Jochomsen

“I thought it was a good conference with nice social things spread around in the evening.” –Stacie Robinson, NOAA

“I really like the inclusivity and diversity sessions. I was really impressed with the sessions about using culture in the classroom, I like that TWS takes the time think about the issues relative in the moment and responds and incorporates them.” –Denim Jochomsen

“I’m from Canada and this is my first TWS chapter meeting. This is the first time I was able to come here largely in part due to the number of travel grants available. I found everyone incredibly great and nice and warm and welcoming.” –Alex Beatty, University of Alberta

“Most of my networking was at poster sessions. They’re fantastic and the reason why I come, not only the talks. That’s how I get my name out.“ –Christopher Satter