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MONDAY, OCT. 8 Sessions

Bats I

Biometrics & Population Modeling I

Conservation of Snakes

Conservation and Ecology of Mammals I

Natural Resources Management

White-tailed Deer I

Wildlife Diseases and Toxicology I

Wetland Birds

Wolves and Cats

Herpetology I

Game Birds

Avian Ecology and Management I

TUESDAY, OCT. 9 Sessions

Conservation and Ecology of Mammals II

Shore and Waterbirds

Wildlife Community Ecology I

Biometrics & Population Modeling II

New Technology I


Conservation and Ecology of Mammals III

Biometrics and Population Modeling III



Conservation Policy and Planning


WEDNESDAY, OCT. 10 Sessions

Human Dimensions I

Grassland Birds

Hunting and Conservation

Wildlife Damage Management I

White-tailed Deer II

New Technology II

Avian Ecology and Management II

Conservation and Ecology of Mammals IV

Invasive Species

Wildlife Diseases and Toxicology II

THURSDAY, OCT. 11 Sessions


Conservation Engagement, Communication and Training


Biometrics and Population Modeling IV

Conservation of Turtles


Avian Ecology and Management III

Habitat Conservation & Wildlife

Human Dimensions II

Bats II

Wildlife Damage Management II

Conservation and Ecology of Mammals V

Herpetology II


Bats III

Wildlife Community Ecology II

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