Contributed paper sessions will be available on-demand for the duration of the conference, and beyond. There will be discussion boards and live video chat rooms unique to each individual presentation where Q&A Office Hours will take place. These will help facilitate interaction and engagement between presenters and other attendees. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of these features!

*Click on the titles below for session details. Information is subject to change.

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Carnivores – Cats & Wolves & Others

Ecology & Conservation of Bats I

Game Bird – Ecology and Management

Herpetofauna I

Human Dimensions I

Wildlife Disease I

Wild Pigs

Deer Ecology & Management

Bobwhite Quail Ecology & Management

Biometrics & Modeling I

Carnivore Conservation

GIS & Remote Sensing

Ecology & Conservation of Bats II

Herpetofauna II

Wind Energy Impacts on Wildlife

Human Wildlife Conflict I

Population Monitoring

Human Dimensions II

Sage Grouse & Prairie Chickens

Wildlife Ecology & Management

Endangered Species Conservation & Management

Ungulate Ecology & Management-Elk & Moose

Urban Wildlife Management 

White-Tailed Deer Ecology & Management I

Waterfowl Conservation & Management I

Invasive Species

Carnivores – Bobcats

Habitat Ecology & Restoration I

Small Mammal Ecology & Management

Songbird Conservation & Management

White-Tailed Deer Ecology & Management II

Shorebird Conservation & Management

Wildlife Disease II

Bird Diversity & Management

Human Wildlife Conflict II

Habitat Ecology & Restoration II


Biometrics & Modeling II

Herpetofauna III

Ungulate Ecology & Management

Human Dimensions III

Ecology and Conservation of Bears

Waterfowl Conservation & Management II

*Click on the title for session details. Session and talk details are subject to change.