Professional networking and collaboration through various working group, organizational unit and other meetings.

The Annual Conference is a great time for many of the Society’s organizational units, volunteers and members to meet and collaborate. In particular, many of our 25 Working Groups meet during the conference, providing forums for members with common professional interests to network, exchange information and promote science-based decision making and management of wildlife and its habitats. These Working Group meetings are open to all members, including students, and conference-goers are encouraged to attend those which are relevant to them.

In addition to Working Groups, several chapters host business meetings, and the parent society gathers groups such as student chapter advisors, TWS Heritage Committee & Retirees, and others for collaboration meetings and idea-sharing.

Below is the list of meetings being hosted during this year’s conference. Please refer to the detailed schedule for dates, times and locations.


  • TWS Council Meetings
  • TWS Annual Members Meeting
  • TWS All Working Groups Meeting
  • TWS Leadership Institute Meetings
  • TWS Conservation Affairs Network Meeting
  • TWS-USFWS Diversity Initiative Meeting
  • TWS Student Chapter Advisors Collaboration Meeting
  • TWS Certification Review Board Meeting
  • TWS Heritage Committee & Retirees Meeting
  • TWS Student Chapter Leaders Lunch
  • TWS Sections and Chapters Collaboration Meeting
  • TWS Climate Change and Wildlife Working Group Meeting
  • TWS Forestry and Wildlife Working Group Meeting
  • TWS Biometrics Working Group Meeting
  • TWS Rangeland Wildlife Working Group Meeting
  • TWS Wildlife Damage Management Working Group Annual Members Meeting
  • TWS Human Dimensions Working Group Meeting
  • TWS Wildlife Diseases Working Group Meeting
  • TWS Urban Wildlife Working Group