Perkins Wildlife Center and Woods Garden

The Perkins Wildlife Center and Woods Garden field trip is beginning at the Natural History Museum. Everyone is excited to learn!

“You never know where that spark is going to come from for someone’s curiosity that can change someone’s attitudes,” said curator Harvey Webster.

The goal of the center is to create awareness about native wildlife and create a foundation of appreciation while visitors stroll through five distinct ecological communities teeming with local species, North American river otters, bobcats, gray foxes, and several species of birds, fish, turtles and frogs.


North American river otter


Askate the bald eagle

Midas the golden eagle

Niles and Daphne the sandhill cranes

We are behind the scenes of the Museum’s laboratories and unique research projects. This is the hominid bone collection!

In downtown Cleveland, birds are most vulnerable to flying into buildings early in the morning when green space is reflecting and disorienting the birds.

Many of these birds behind the scenes were collected from the Cleveland “Lights Out” program.

The museum even has bird specimens from all around the world.



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