Quiz Bowl Finals and Council Bowl


Council Bowl

Current and former Council members square off at Council Bowl. Their first question:

“About what bird did comedian John Oliver ask how a flamingo could have gotten its stupid bird face stuck in a panini press?”

Perhaps they’re not John Oliver fans. Nobody got the answer: roseate spoonbill.

Incoming President Darren Miller sports a shark hat, a gift from outgoing President John McDonald in honor of the shark attacks in McDonald’s home state of Massachusetts.

The star-studded team made up of Bob Lanka, Kristi Confortin, Darren Miller, Fidel Hernandez, Art Rodgers and Paul Johansen, won Council Bowl with some Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-oriented questions ranging from animal-inspired rockers (like A Flock of Seagulls and Blue Oyster Cult) to the order of Jimi Hendrix’s bird drawing.

Quiz Bowl – Final Four

The top four teams compete tonight for the 2018 Quiz Bowl championship!!

Purdue and SUNY – Cobleskill square off to determine which team would finish third and which would finish fourth–an amazing accomplishment for both teams since more than 20 teams competed. Purdue emerges with the victory!

SUNY – Cobleskill

It might not help to know rock ’n’ roll history or basketball trivia to win quiz bowl, but when the questions are about the scientific classification of Eagles and James’s flamingo, it doesn’t hurt.

Humboldt State competed against Virginia Tech in the finals and claimed the championship with a final score of 105-55. Congratulations to both teams for their outstanding performances during the 2018 Quiz Bowl!

Virginia Tech University

2018 Quiz Bowl champions, Humboldt State (Devon Michels, Evan Miller, Samuel Vassallo and Alexander Lewis), pose with artist Chester O. Martin, who painted this year’s award.

Quiz Bowl – Champions versus Faculty

Continuing a Quiz Bowl tradition, Humboldt State takes on a group of faculty advisors. Do you know the name of Marie Curie’s daughter? Neither did they. The faculty outpaced the champions in a fun finish to this year’s event.