What Past Attendees Are Saying:

“While regional conferences provide valuable, local connections – the TWS Annual Conference provides the opportunity to network with specialized biologists from diverse backgrounds. It also provides an outlet to learn about management issues and emerging management tools in various regions that may be applicable to your own work.”
– Amber Breland, MS


“As a student, it is one of the best opportunities to find a job or a graduate school program by taking advantage of the networking opportunities…I came away from the conference with six new contacts for internship opportunities.”
– Morgan Sussman, IN


“Cross-cutting themes and patterns that emerge from the variety of talks help me identify the leading edges of trends in the profession. And it provides an opportunity for me to foster relationships among agency and academic colleagues throughout North America. It is an invaluable experience for students and professionals alike.”
– Jacqueline Frair, NY


“The conference was the single most beneficial professional development event I’ve attended….I encourage ANY aspiring wildlife professional to attend. If you enjoy talking to new people, I promise you will walk away from the conference feeling optimistic about your future and excited to be part of such a wonderful field. What a fantastic experience, can’t wait for next year!
— Avery Corondi, PA


“The Wildlife Society conference allows our program biologists to share their cutting edge research and operational activities in wildlife damage management and to retain their expertise.”
– Bill Clay, Deputy Administrator, Wildlife Services


“As a wildlife student the Annual Conference was a great way to meet professionals in the wildlife field as well as other students from around the country. It was also great to get a preview of what kind of work I could do with wildlife in my future career.”
– Justin Purnell, CA


“Provides an excellent opportunity for fisheries and range scientists to collaborate with, and learn from, wildlife scientists.”
– Kathryn Boyer, OR


“As a University educator/researcher the annual conference provides symposia and contributed paper sessions dealing with undergraduate education or topics germane to my research interest. Policy, toxicology, climate science, physiology, ecology, systematics, restoration, conservation, curriculum matters, diversity in the profession, and spirited quiz bowl competition; it was all there!”
– Doug Slack, TX


“These conferences are the best way for young professionals to build their professional network and see how others are conducting similar research or see what types of research really interest them.”
—Rob Wingard, WA


“The conference is a great venue to present your information to your peers and network with professionals from across the globe.”
– Robert Horan, GA


“I have gained so much from attending these conferences, and made great contacts that will definitely come in handy. It is also an amazing opportunity to see research that others are doing around North America, and learn something from them. As a student professional, I will do everything in my power to attend these conferences.”
— Brett Montgomery, AZ


“Hearing about interesting work and new ideas was stimulating and reinvigorating. I know that I, and many of my colleagues, returned to work after the conference feeling excited and inspired.”
– Shannon Farrell, TX

Please review our guidelines for professional behavior at the conference