Careers with the Federal Agencies

Wildlife Innovation Center Sponsored by: USDA Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management Panelists: Dixie Porter, USFS; Stephanie Miller, BLM; Kaye London, USFWS During this panel discussion, representatives from the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Bureau of Land Management will highlight career pathways and experiences in […]

Wildlife Chemical Immobilization – Priorities, Details & Challenges??

Wildlife Innovation Center Sponsored by: The Foundations of Wildlife Chemical Capture Panelists: Rich Beausoleil, Bear and Cougar Specialist, Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife; Kim Sager, Program Leader, Elwha Wildlife Program, Olympic Peninsula; Andrew Smith of National Training Academy, Mississippi State University; Amaia Cortez from Costa Rica.  A young professional in Costa Rica starting an oncilla research […]

Considering Bioacoustics Monitoring? Factors to consider and How to Start

Wildlife Innovation Center Sponsored by: Wildlife Acoustics Instructor: Ali Donargo, Wildlife Acoustics We will explore how bioacoustics can be used as a survey and research tool, either as a stand alone method or in conjunction with other techniques. The focus will be on deployment methods, best-practices for survey techniques, and data analysis. Case studies will be used […]

How to radio-track animals from a drone

Wildlife Innovation Center Sponsored by: Wildlife Drones Speakers: Dr Debbie Saunders, Wildlife Drones Founder & CEO As a Conservation Ecologist, Dr. Debbie Saunders has been studying and protecting critically endangered Swift Parrots for many years within their wintering habitats. However, like many other small animals that move, their movements have largely remained a mystery given the […]

Student Roundtable with the Editors

Wildlife Innovation Center Sponsored by: Wiley Join the Editors-in-Chief from each of The Wildlife Society’s three peer-reviewed journals for an engaging two-way discussion on publishing in scientific journals and the future of our very own publications. Don’t miss this chance to gain valuable insights about getting published while contributing ideas that could help shape the […]

Faculty and Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in University Fish and Wildlife Programs

Wildlife Innovation Center Sponsored by: National Association of University Fish and Wildlife Programs Speakers: Lisette Waits, Joel Snodgrass, Nancy Mathews NAUFWP is committed to the deconstruction of barriers to underrepresented groups in the fish and wildlife profession.  NAUFWP recently complete a survey to: 1) document the gender and BIPOC demographics of students and faculty in university fish […]

Fundamentals of Structured Decision Making

Workshop Advance Registration Required   Wildlife and fisheries management are, at their core, decision-making exercises. The field of decision analysis offers a vast set of tools for framing, structuring, solving, implementing, and revisiting decisions, as well as for understanding the frailties of humans and institutions as decision makers. This workshop will outline the fundamentals of […]

Biocultural Conservation and Public Engagement in Wildlife Biology

Workshop Advance Registration Required   Scientists and conservationists are often outsiders in ecosystems and communities where they work. As a consequence, the needs and values of local communities are often overlooked. Problems are exacerbated when scientists cannot effectively communicate their motivations and desired outcomes, or fail to be culturally sensitive, because successful conservation comes from […]

Introduction to continuous-time movement modeling for animal tracking data

Workshop Advance Registration Required   Animal tracking data often come with substantial autocorrelation and location error that render classical analyses invalid and cause differential biases across studies, sites, taxa, and individuals. Continuous-time methods offer a solution to these challenges, but can be conceptually challenging and are often misapplied. This workshop will provide beginners with an […]

Human Dimensions 101: An Introduction to Conservation Social Science

Workshop Advance Registration Required   Calls to integrate social or human factors into wildlife management and conservation actions have become increasingly more common. However, confusion over how, when, and even why to include human dimensions and social science expertise can limit the effectiveness of wildlife management efforts. This workshop will provide an introduction to the […]