Science Training: Supporting Careers in Wildlife Management

Panel Discussion Nontraditional pathways to career development have been in the news lately due to the pandemic’s restructuring to an increasingly remote reality. Higher education has recently experienced a surge in demand for certificate and career-focused programs creating an opening for meaningful science training for current and future professionals. Preparing these practitioners demands focused consideration […]

Establishing a Tissue and Reagents Repository for Chronic Wasting Disease

Panel Discussion Chronic wasting disease (CWD) of cervids (deer, elk, moose) can be found in 26 US States, 3 Canadian provinces, South Korea, and Scandinavia. CWD belongs to a group of diseases that are caused by prions, infectious proteins that can infect new species. Monitoring, characterizing, and tracking progression of CWD across the US has […]

Renewing The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation

Panel Discussion To address the systemic risk presented by the degradation of ecosystems and loss of biodiversity the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation must be renewed.  This renewal must seek to make it more relevant for the contemporary public and inclusive by giving voice to unarticulated elements including the important role of non-hunters, private landowners, […]

Outreach in the Virtual World: Tips, Tricks, Pitfalls, and Successes

Panel Discussion COVID-19 brought many challenges to wildlife professionals, but it also brought new opportunities. Virtual outreach is one of those new opportunities. By leveraging available technology, outreach professionals were able to continue communicating their messages to existing and new audiences. This panel discussion will bring outreach professionals from a variety of backgrounds to discuss […]

Moving Forward: Expanding Inclusivity, Advocacy, and Allyship

Panel Discussion During this panel discussion, wildlifers will reflect on our past, take stock of the present, and plan for the future of The Wildlife Society and our profession at large by creating a safe space for reflection, growth, and constructive conversations. In our opening activity, we will take time to explore some of our […]

The Diverse Paths to a Wildlife Career

Panel Discussion How do you pursue a wildlife career when you don’t know such a path exists? Or no one in your family supports your choices? Or this career path is perceived as inferior, uncommon, or unpopular by your culture? This panel discussion provides an interactive forum for in-depth discussion about challenges faced by and […]