RADical Responses to Ecological Change in a Transforming World

Symposium   Responding to Ecosystem Transformation: Resist, Accept, or Direct? Bob Newman, Jennifer Wilkening, Robert Magill, John Morton, Laura Thompson, Erik Beever Many ecosystems are undergoing drastic transformations because of climate change and other human-driven factors. Thus, a static view of ecosystem processes may no longer be sufficient for managing wildlife and their habitats. We […]

Environmental Education

Posters   The Case of Environmental Education for Children Mary Greagan Invasive species are one of the greatest threats to biodiversity. Humans are one of the most pervasive vectors of invasive species spread which can be accelerated through different behaviors and pathways as a result of a lack of education and understanding. One of the […]

Habitat Ecology and Management

Posters   Microhabitat Characteristics of River Otter Daytime Resting Sites Tatiana Gettelman, Clayton Nielsen, Eric Schauber River otters (Lontra canadensis) rely on daytime resting sites (DRS) for grooming, sleeping, and recovering from foraging, and will avoid areas without suitable DRS. Despite being a critical habitat component, microhabitat selection for DRS has not been analyzed for […]

Herps and Inverts

Posters   Potential for Broad Biodiversity of Vertebrate Species Detection Using iDNA Analysis of Carrion Beetle Diets Katherine Schneider, Kristin Brzeski, Tara Bal Invertebrate DNA (iDNA) has become a popular and fast-growing field to survey mammalian biodiversity through analysis of invertebrate diets. Well-known groups for this method include biting flies, leaches, ticks, and mosquitoes, but […]

Human Dimensions

Posters   Shoot, Sell, Buy: Implications of the Commodification of Bird Bands for Migratory Bird Conservation and Management Olivia Wolford, Jennifer Malpass  The USGS Bird Banding Laboratory (BBL) provides the central repository for bird banding and encounter data used to inform annual game bird hunting regulations in North America. Metal bird bands have become a […]

Human/Wildlife Conflict Management

Posters   Review of Raptor-Human Interaction and Coexistence Angeline Canney Abstract: Global raptor conservation has become a human-wildlife conflict issue, and the future of raptor species relies on humans to become stewards of coexistence with these raptors. Human-wildlife interaction research is becoming a growing field of the wildlife world, but tends to focus on large-bodied, […]

Intercontinental Wildlife Management

Posters   Effect of Water Management on the Carnivore Community Within Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe Holly O’Donnell, Aïssa Morin, Olivier Gimenez, Marie-Laure Delignette-Muller, Andrew Loveridge, Marion Valeix, Lara Sousa, Justin Seymour-Smith Water is a key resource in arid and semi-arid ecosystems such as Southern African savannas. It is an important determinant of the spatial ecology […]


Posters   Implication of Prion Disease Across Geographic Populations: A Case Study Examining Wild North American Deer Emily Wright, Emma McDonald, Matthew Buchholz, Emma Roberts, Robert Bradley, Daniel Hardy, Warren Conway Spongiform encephalopathies are caused by the misfolding of a common prion protein (PrPC) into an infectious conformation (PrPSc).  Various prion amino acid polymorphisms are […]


Posters   Spatial and Temporal Drivers of Wetland Bird Occupancy in An Urbanized Matrix Anastasia Rahlin, Sarah Saunders, Stephanie Beilke Wetland birds are undergoing rapid declines in North America, with habitat degradation and wetland loss considered primary causes of declines. Due to the cryptic nature of many wetland bird species, the ecological factors and relevant […]

Remote Sensing

Posters   Aerial Wildlife Image Repository (AWIR) – a Dataset to Accelerate the Development of Highly Accurate Machine Learning Models to Classify Wildlife from Aerial Imagery Sathishkumar Samiappan, Meilun Zhou, Morgan Pfeiffer, Bradley Blackwell, Raymond Iglay, Kristine Evans, Jared Elmore The increased use of small ( < 5 5lbs) uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) to survey […]