Avian-Solar Interactions; State of the Science

Panel Discussion

Panel discussions will take place live at their scheduled times.

Questions on avian-solar interactions have increased as more utility scale photo voltaic (PV) solar development occurs. Several research projects are underway to gain a better understanding of these interactions. Join us for this panel discussion to hear a quick update on the research results to-date and learn more about emerging research. The researchers will then answer your questions about the state of the science on avian solar interactions and the future of PV solar development. Updates will be provided by US Geological Survey (USGS), Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Argonne National Laboratory, University of California Los Angles, and Colorado State University. The Avian Solar Working Group (ASWG) and Argonne National Laboratory are hosting the panel discussion with input from the Multi-Agency Avian-Solar Collaborative Working Group (CWG); the ASWG and CWG are two collaborative groups working together to promote a deeper understanding of avian-solar interactions. ASWG is a collective group of environmental organizations, academics, solar companies, and solar industry representatives that advance coordinated scientific research to better understand how birds interact with solar facilities. The CWG was formed by multiple state and federal agencies to address emerging issues related to potential avian-solar impacts.
Organizers: Misti Sporer, Duke Energy, Charlotte, NC; Aimee Delach, Defenders of Wildlife, Washington DC; Lee Walston, Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago IL
Supported by: Avian Solar Working Group

Panel Discussion
Location: Virtual Date: September 29, 2020 Time: 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm