How to radio-track animals from a drone

Wildlife Innovation Center

Sponsored by: Wildlife Drones

Speakers: Dr Debbie Saunders, Wildlife Drones Founder & CEO

As a Conservation Ecologist, Dr. Debbie Saunders has been studying and protecting critically endangered Swift Parrots for many years within their wintering habitats. However, like many other small animals that move, their movements have largely remained a mystery given the immense challenges of tracking tiny, very high frequency (VHF) radio-tags over broad landscapes.

Frustrated by the limitations of manual radio-tracking, Debbie developed a highly mobile and flexible radio-tracking system that can be attached to a drone platform to track multiple animals simultaneously and search large areas efficiently. She will share her insights and demonstrate the capabilities of this unique technology, as well as real-world examples of how it has been applied by governments, NGOs, environmental consultants, and zoos to track a range of different species across a diverse array of landscapes.

Wildlife Innovation Center
Location: Virtual Date: November 2, 2021 Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm