I Can Do This Myself? An Open-Source Hardware GPS Data Logger for Wildlife Movement Studies

ROOM: Offsite

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Global Positioning System (GPS) technology has been a boon to animal spatial ecology studies, allowing researchers to obtain vast quantities of data, even for cryptic organisms. Oftentimes, the main limitation to wide-spread application of this technology is the cost, which can dictate the number of individuals outfitted with GPS technology, thereby limiting sample sizes. Here, we discuss the use of Arduino in developing a low-cost, customizable, open-source hardware GPS logger for use in animal movement studies, and lead a step-by-step exercise teaching attendees how to make these loggers. We also present results from field tests with eastern box turtles (Terrapene carolina) in northwestern Ohio. These GPS loggers have the potential to augment existing project and facilitate studies that would be otherwise cost-prohibitive.
Organizers: Patrick W. Cain, Georgia Gwinnett College, Lawrenceville, GA; Matthew D. Cross, The Toledo Zoo and Aquarium, Toledo, OH
Supported by: The Toledo Zoo and Aquarium and Georgia Gwinnett College

Location: Offsite Date: October 10, 2018 Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm