Presentation Matters

ROOM: Galt House, Beckham

Advance Registration Required

Presenting ideas that are clear and compelling is crucial to solving our current and future conservation challenges. However, most presentations are unclear, disorganized, boring, too technical, or too lengthy. As a result, people and organizations are missing out on great opportunities to tell the conservation story to people who matter. At the heart of this ineffectiveness is the way people use PowerPoint, which typically involves screen after screen of bullet points, graphs, charts, and pictures. This approach does not help conservation professionals communicate better, but rather hampers their ability to connect to their audiences and tell their stories in compelling ways. In this workshop, we will show participants how to craft messages that help people pay attention to, understand, and remember the ideas presented. In addition, participants will learn to use PowerPoint in ways that are effective, that engage and persuade audiences, and that advance conservation. The workshop will be a mixture of lecture, activities, and group discussion.
Organizers: Adam Rohnke, Mississippi State University, Raymond, MS; Ben West, University of Tennessee, Jackson, TN; Brian MacGowan, Purdue University, Brookville, IN; Kathleen Carroll, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT
Supported by: Conservation Education and Outreach Working Group, Student Development Working Group, Human Dimensions Working Group

Location: Galt House Date: September 30, 2020 Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • We are closely monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19 and its potential impacts on our conference. We are preparing for all possible scenarios, but at this time we plan to proceed with the conference as scheduled.