Trending… A TWS Journal Spotlight on the Most Downloaded Papers of 2020


Symposia will be available on-demand on their scheduled date, then again at the conclusion of the conference.

For over 80 consecutive years, The Wildlife Society has helped develop, contextualize, and advance the scientific foundation of wildlife management through publication of peer-reviewed studies in the Journal of Wildlife Management (1937), Wildlife Monographs (1958), and Wildlife Society Bulletin (1973). This symposium will take a look at the most popular TWS journal articles of 2020 as a snapshot of what’s currently trending in the wildlife profession – as measured by the number of downloads. As a leading resource for wildlife managers in the field, looking at active engagement with TWS journal content now, may provide insights about the future of wildlife management in North America. Listen to these featured authors describe their research and join in the conversation surrounding the most popular papers in TWS journals this year! Interested in publishing your own research in a TWS journal? As a compliment to this symposium, the TWS Conference will also feature a journal editor networking lounge where attendees can interact directly with the Editor-in-Chief of all three TWS journals and other editors/representatives from Wiley and TWS. This will be an open forum to answer your questions and for the editors to provide helpful tips about getting accepted and published in a TWS journal.

Seismic survey design and effects on maternal polar bear dens
Ryan R. Wilson
Dogs Detect Larger Wind Energy Effects on Bats and Birds
Shawn Smallwood
Are Sage Grouse Fine-Scale Specialists or Shrub Steppe Generalists?
Joseph Smith
Effects of Wind Turbine Curtailment on Bird and Bat Fatalities
Shawn Smallwood
Anthropogenic Disturbance and Population Viability of Woodland Caribou in Ontario (2020)
John M. Fryxell, Dr.
Stakeholder Trust and Confidence in a State Wildlife Agency
Shawn Riley
Ratcheting up Rigor in Wildlife Management Decision Making
Angela Fuller
The Sustainability of Wolverine Trapping Mortality in Southern Canada
Garth Mowat
Computational Reproducibility in The Wildlife Society’s Flagship Journals
Althea ArchMiller
Dynamics, Persistence, and Genetic Management of the Endangered Florida Panther Population
Madelon van de Kerk


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