John Koprowski

Dr. John Koprowski’s career has been both productive and distinguished. His taxonomic breadth of research includes 9 species from across the globe. He has worked to obtain over $8 million in research grants and authored over 170 peer reviewed publications. He is the author or co-author of 6 books. His work with Sciurids is world renowned, and he is a Fellow in 4 international societies.

Dr. Koprowski straddles the divide between basic research and applied wildlife research and management and has advanced research in the wildlife field by applying unique and multifaceted approaches. His commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected by the make-up of his graduate and post-doctoral professionals; 75% are women or minorities. He has been a strong advocate for the TWS WOW program. He is a relentless student advocate and mentor, pushing students to think big and be active members of The Wildlife Society. His students are his conservation legacy.

Most importantly, Dr. Koprowski cares about people. Throughout his career whether as an administrator, researcher or advisor, he has worked to connect people and wildlife. Few people have the technical ability and the ability to connect with people the way that Dr. Koprowski does. He is a true scholar, a gentleman, and a model citizen. For his contributions to wildlife science and beyond, Dr. Koprowski was recognized as the 2022 Aldo Leopold Memorial Award recipient and will deliver the annual Aldo Leopold address as part of the plenary in Louisville.

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