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Spokane, Washington, is a place where city life mingles brilliantly with nature. Amid the charm and bustle of urban downtown you’ll find the Spokane River gorge and the Spokane Falls. It is a gathering place where the pace, accessibility and hospitality blend into a wonderful city experience; where inspired restaurateurs, winemakers and craft brewers create delicious adventures; where you can grab breakfast at a converted railroad car downtown and in the afternoon, scale narrow basalt canyons, break trail on the ski slopes or golf.

When you meet in Spokane there’s a whole new session waiting for you after the conference lights dim, only in this session you explore the gracious city that’s welcomed you in. You’ll find options and time to do it all. Take that run, explore the shops and grab a great meal. We invite you to meet this city and fall in love.

Content compliments of Visit Spokane.

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