Student Perspective on #MeToo

The room is packed, leaving attendees standing in the back to hear about the student perspective on the #MeToo movement.

“The #MeToo movement so far focuses on the very serious problem of sexual assault and abuse,” said speaker Krysten Zummo-Strong. “The less recorded and much more common issue for students is the emotional abuse that they go through.”

Leaving is not that easy when you’re facing emotional abuse as a student. You’ll be asked why you left and it won’t look good on your resume, Zummo-Strong said. It may be shocking, but 41 percent of graduate students are facing anxiety and depression, studies have shown.

Krysten Zummo-Strong

“The most important aspect of this study was they detailed how the students experience anxiety and depression relate to their adviser or PI,” she said.

Fifty percent of students who experienced anxiety or depression stated their adviser did not provide mentorship or support. Often advisers tell students that they need to “just push through” any type of abuse from professors or other academics.

We need to break this cycle,” Zummo-Strong said. “We need appropriate and useful training.”