Interactive Educational Opportunities

*Advance registration is required for all Workshops

Most of this year’s workshops will be held on Sunday, Oct. 7, prior to our opening day of concurrent sessions, with the exception of two. Click on the workshop titles below for session details.


TWS’ 2018 Workshop Lineup:

SUNDAY, OCT. 7 Sessions

Animal Trapping Techniques for Researchers and Managers 

  • $30 for students/$60 for professionals

Data Management Fundamentals for Long-Term Wildlife Monitoring Projects 

  • $15 for students/$30 for professionals

Grassland Manager’s Toolbox 

  • $15 for students/$30 for professionals

Introduction to R 

  • $75 for students/$100 for professionals

Multi-Species Occupancy Modeling 

  • $75 for students/$100 for professionals

Wildlife Conservation in Cleveland: Stories of Urban Restoration and Cooperative Management 

  • $40 for students/$60 for professionals


WEDNESDAY, OCT. 10 Sessions

Don’t Get Rejected! Tips for Writing Manuscripts That Get Accepted and Published 

  • $15 for students/$30 for professionals

I Can Do This Myself? An Open-Source Hardware Gps Data Logger for Wildlife Movement Studies

  • $105 for students/$120 for professionals


*Click on the workshop title for session details. Workshops are subject to change or cancellation.