The Wildlife Society is pleased to announce that it will provide Ombuds Services at its 29th Annual Conference in Spokane, WA, from November 6-10. This action is taken to support the DEI Vision of TWS and the goal of cultivating a safe, welcome, and inclusive conference for our attendees. The Ombuds will serve as an independent, neutral, off-the-record, and confidential resource for conference attendees to discuss any concerns they may have regarding conference related behaviors and activities. The Ombuds office will be located in the Ballroom 111 Show Office.

Meet the Ombuds

Jen G. Sims

Originally from Chicago, Jen G. Sims now lives in Austin. Jen has her own consulting business focusing on conflict, coaching and ombuds work. Previously she was the Staff Ombuds Office for University of Texas where she founded this office more than six years ago. She is an ombuds because she believes people want to do good work and be respected for the work they do. Though conflicts are inevitable, they also offer opportunities for positive change, learning, and professional development. She has been an ombuds for more than ten years.  Prior to becoming an ombuds, she served in a variety of administrative, teaching and research roles for the Hawaii State Judiciary and the University of Hawaii. Jen has experience in mediation and facilitation, counseling and coaching, training and analyzing and interpreting organizational policies and procedures.

Her practice emphasizes informal methods with which to address situations that aren’t working well for visitors. Jen applies skills of observation, deep listening, inquiry, sense making and assessment of patterns to uncover possible responses a visitor might consider. She tries to encourage taking multiple perspectives for a better understanding of the situation a visitor is dealing with.

Please review our guidelines for professional behavior at the conference