Download the complete preliminary list of 2017 Education and Training Opportunities to be offered at the 24th Annual Conference.


The complete list of symposia titles being presented at the 24th Annual Conference is now available!


eastern box turtle

SUNDAY, SEPT. 24 Sessions

Bird Conservation on Managed Forest Landscapes

Challenges of Balancing Stakeholder Engagement and Scientific Decision-Making to Inform Wildlife Policy

Mesos in the Middle: Strategies for Researching Understudied or Elusive Mid-Sized Mammalian Carnivores

Navigating the Path to Professional Success

Recent Applications of Multi-State Models to Capture-Recapture and Occupancy Studies

Structured Decision Making: A Vehicle for Navigating the Crossroads of Cultures in Wildlife Management

Tribal Wildlife Management and Conservation in the Southwest Part I

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MONDAY, SEPT. 25 Sessions

Climate-Wise Connectivity: How to Plan and Implement

Genetics to Genomics: What We’ve Learned over the Last 10 Years and What’s Next for Wildlife

Landscape Conservation Planning: Making Conservation Real for People – Planning Is Easy, People Are Hard – Building Effective Landscape-Scale

Tribal Wildlife Management and Conservation in the Southwest II

Wildlife are Individuals, Too: Considering Inter-Individual Variation to Inform Management

Wildfire and Spotted Owls: It’s a Burning Issue

Wild Horses and Burros: Interactions with Wildlife, Habitats, and Land Managers

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TUESDAY, SEPT. 26 Sessions

#CalloftheScicomm: How Science Communication via Social Media Can Benefit Your Career and Your Research

A New Day for Bison? – Ecological Restoration in the 21st Century

Assessing Wildlife Habitat to Guide Conservation Planning and Restoration

Freedom to Roam – Wildlife Connectivity in Action from Data to Implementation and Assessment Part I

Managing Prairie and Shrubland Grouse Populations in the 21st Century: Revisiting the Declining and Small Population Paradigms

The Role of Research and Adaptive Management in Creating Effective Wildlife Mitigation along Roads

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WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 27 Sessions

Advancing Wildlife Conservation and Renewable Energy: A Synthesis of Energy System Technologies and Identifying Effects on Wildlife

Connecting Wildlife and Science: Borderlands and Beyond

Conserving Nature’s Stages and Helping Wildlife Move between Them

Farm Bill Conservation Programs: Perspectives on Delivery and Wildlife Benefits

Freedom to Roam – Wildlife Connectivity in Action from Data to Implementation and Assessment Part II

Mexican Wolf Conservation: Two Decades of Reintroduction and the Future of Recovery

Mobile Apps in Conservation Science

Wetlands, Water, & Wildlife: Finding Common Ground among Diverse Stakeholders

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