Download the complete preliminary list of 2017 Education and Training Opportunities to be offered at the 24th Annual Conference.


Interactive Educational Opportunities

*Advance registration is required for all Workshops

We have increased the number of workshops being offered at this year’s conference and with the additional interactive learning opportunities we are expanding the workshop schedule! This year, select workshops will be offered on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons for those unable to attend on Saturday. Click on the workshop title for session details.


SATURDAY, SEPT. 23 Sessions

An Introduction to Spatial Capture-Recapture — $75 for students/$100 for professionals

Animal Trapping Techniques for Researchers and Managers — $30 for students/$60 for professionals

Bat White-Nose Syndrome: Best Practices for Surveillance and Management — $40 for students/$75 for professionals

Bosque Del Apache NWR: Fire and Wildlife Management in a Shortgrass Wetland Landscape — $25 for students/$40 for professionals

Change Your Perspective: Urban-Wildland Management in the Southwest — $50 for students/$70 for professionals

Distance Sampling: Conventional and Hierarchical Methods for Abundance in R — $10 for students/$25 for professionals

Free-Ranging Wildlife Health, Disease and Mortality Investigation – From Outbreaks to Surveillance — $75 for students/$125 for professionals

Introductory R — $65 for students/$95 for professionals

Managing Wildlife Conservation and Management Conflicts through Formalized Conservation Action Planning — $45 for students/$95 for professionals

Mapping and Monitoring Wildlife Habitat Using Remotely Sensed Vegetation Phenology Measures — $10 for students/$25 for professionals

The Technical and Wildlife Management Implications of Hunting Ammunition with a Focus on Non-Lead Options for Big Game Hunting in North America — $15 for students/$30 for professionals

Valles Caldera National Preserve as a Natural Laboratory: Monitoring the Effectiveness of Habitat Management, Restoration, and Wildlife Reintroduction Efforts —  $12 for students/$50 for professionals

SUNDAY, SEPT. 24 Sessions

Communicating Conservation Using Social Media — $15 for students/$40 for professionals

Resume Workshop — $10 for students/$25 for professionals

MONDAY, SEPT. 25 Sessions

Range 101 — $10 for students/$25 for professionals

Resume Workshop — $10 for students/$25 for professionals

Training Students to Attend a Professional Conference? Educational Workshop for Leading a Similar Course — $10 for students/$25 for professionals

Resume Workshop — $10 for students/$25 for professionals

TUESDAY, SEPT. 26 Sessions

Ready Set Go! Federal Employment Workshop — $10 for students/$25 for professionals

Developing a Workflow to Maximize Reproducibility and Research Impact: Managing Data, Computer Code, and Projects for Success — $50 for students/$75 for professionals

WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 26 Sessions

Do the Genetics 101: Matching Techniques and Technologies to Research Questions in Wildlife Genetics — $25 for students/$50 for professionals

*Click on the workshop title for session details. Workshops are subject to change or cancellation.