TWS Heritage Committee and Retirees Meeting

TWS Heritage Committee and Retirees Meeting

Past President Bruce Thompson is leading The Wildlife Society’s Heritage Committee and Retirees meeting, discussing some of their goals including mentoring younger wildlifers, composing material for The Wildlife Professional and more.

The committee members are discussing types of articles they can write and contribute to The Wildlife Professional including helping mentor students who might want to write a magazine type of article.

Do retirees make good mentors for young professionals just starting off in the field? TWS Heritage Committee & Retirees Meeting attendees are discussing now.

“How can you be provided with a realistic challenge to help?” said Thompson.

One of the things the Heritage Committee & Retirees could do is go through COWCH (Celebrating Our Wildlife Conservation Heritage) interviews and extract important highlights from them.

One issue the members are discussing is the “shifting baseline” or when new people come in and think that everything is the way it’s always been. For example, someone may come into the profession thinking the landscape has always been a certain way and not notice the extent to which the landscape is changing.

“Any way we could figure out how to work on that, that would be great,” said Wini Kessler, the Aldo Leopold Memorial Award recipient.

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