Don’t miss these local highlights in Cleveland

Don’t miss these local highlights in Cleveland

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When you make a trip to the North Coast, as Cleveland is affectionately known, there are a number of things to do and sights to see that should be considered musts.

One of these is a visit to the historic West Side Market, which began operation in 1840 and has offered visitors and locals an endless variety of food and produce ever since. Located at the corner of Lorain Avenue and W. 25th St. in a national historic landmark building, this public market offers such remarkable variety that it was recently named “America’s Best Food Lovers’ Market” and has received coverage on the Food Network and Travel Channel. If you’re a foodie or just interested in getting a glimpse of authentic Cleveland culture, be sure to stop by the West Side Market while in town.

If a trip to the Market leaves your mouth watering, then your next stop should be Cleveland’s Little Italy or University Heights. The Land is home to some of the best-known Italian neighborhoods outside of New York City, and both Little Italy and the Heights offer incomparable Italian experiences. If you feel like indulging in what many consider the best pizza in town, stop by 60 year-old Geraci’s in the Heights and order a well-done sausage pizza with a bit of antipasto to start. If you’d prefer something a bit more unique, then stop by Trattoria on the Hill in Little Italy and order the housemade gnocchi al aburro – you won’t soon forget the experience. Regardless of whether you visit the Heights or Little Italy, an authentic meal at one of Cleveland’s many Italian institutions is a must while in the city.

The last must-visit in this list — though countless others exist — is the famous house where A Christmas Story was filmed. No visit to C-Town is complete without a stroll through this iconic landmark. Whether you’re a Christmas die-hard who can’t get enough of the holidays, or simply a movie buff who’s prone to sentimentality, a trip through the house at W. 11th and Rowley will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy (and ready for the holidays). You may even decide to leave with a replica of the famous leg lamp from the gift shop located inside.

Finally, if you’re looking for a way to travel around the city in comfort while taking in the many historic sights, consider an afternoon tour on Lolley the Trolley. Visitors can learn about Cleveland history while touring important landmarks and iconic neighborhoods, all while riding in an open-air trolley with a knowledgeable guide leading the trip. Lolley will take you to the Heights, Little Italy, or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; check their website for details as advance reservations are required.

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